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2014年7月9日 星期三

智慧型手機週邊需求低於雲端需求? ( Smart Phone Accessory market growth rate is much less than cloud service )

Dropbox Is Now The Data Fabric Tying Together Devices For 100M Registered Users Who Save 1B Files A Day

“At this scale, when you help people save 10 minutes or an hour, you’re saving lifetimes of pain…And we’re just getting started.” That’s what CEO Drew Houston thinks about his company hitting 100 million registered users and 1 billion files saved a day. Here Houston tells me how he feels about being entrusted with so many memories, and how Dropbox will be the data layer connecting the future where every device is smart.

Drew’s an inspiring person to interview, so much so that I wrote a poem about Dropbox. But here’s the CEO’s thoughts.

“100 million registered users is a symbol, putting us in a new category with an elite handful of companies that have ever reached that audience” says Houston. That’s up from 50 million users and 500 million files saved every 48 hours as of May 2012, and 25 million users and 200 million files saved per day in April 2011. Dropbox is now on 250 million devices in over 200 countries, and is served in eight languages, including two new ones starting today: Italian and Castilian Spanish.

“It puts a quantitative spin on that feeling that we’re solving really important problems for a big chunk of the world,” not just Silicon Valley, Houston tells me. “Our users are trapeze artists, high school football coaches — I got cornered by a couple of theoretical physicists who said Dropbox lets them collaborate across the world and share their experiments’ results. They were raving about how it’s driving their research.”

Drew says Dropbox is fulfilling the promise of the cloud. For users, he believes “Dropbox is the first day of the rest of their life. I can take my laptop, throw it in the water, go to the Apple store, and start over like nothing happened.”

It really hit home for Drew when he heard the story of a panicked father who’d recorded the first years of his child’s life on his phone. Then one day he was pulling clothes out of the washing machine, heard a clanking sound, and saw his memories of his daughter dripping out of the phone. Then he remembered he’d turned on Dropbox Camera Upload, and all those moments were safe and sound.

Dropbox’s scale and that mission, to preserve our digital histories, are attracting great employees. Drew tells me that this year they “started at 90 people and just crossed 250. It’s the biggest growth year for us by a long shot. Now for any job opening, we can go after the top five people in the world. We want a designer? Ok, who built the iPhone?”

For example, Drew cites Aditya Agarwal, who used to be a director at Facebook but became Dropbox’s VP of engineering when it acquired his startup Cove. “Here’s someone who’s changed the world. He built news feed and [Facebook] search. He was employee No. 9. And he said ‘Dropbox is the only place I could have an impact like that again.’” The firepower to pull in employees like Agarwal is just one benefit of the $257 million in funding Dropbox has raised.

Dropbox has big ambitions, so it’s going to need the talent. While it might seem simple enough stitching together data from your laptop, phone, and tablet, as we enter the age of the “Internet of things,” it’s going to get a lot more complicated. Drew says Dropbox has a chance “to make your phone smarter, your TV smarter, your car smarter. In that sense we can be the fabric that ties everything together.”

The company’s independence might give it the best shot at becoming the data layer the way Facebook became the social layer. Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own cloud storage systems, but they don’t necessarily cooperate with each other’s devices. Drew declares: “Not one company is going to make everything. [With Dropbox] you don’t have to worry about what logo is on the back of your photo or computer.”

…Or your refrigerator, thermostat, or sound system. Becoming useful to people who don’t have all those fancy smart devices, just the basic ones like in emerging markets, is a big focus for the company. “There’s 2 billion connected internet users now and that’s going to go to five in the next few years. Anyone with a computer or a phone needs something like Dropbox.”

But there’s a lot of work to do to get to that point of being the omnipresent data layer that lets our personal memories and professional materials criss-cross between devices. “At our age, Apple hadn’t built the Macintosh, Microsoft hadn’t built Windows. We are now playing in another league and really have an opportunity to do amazing things at scale. This is the first stop on a new road to a billion.”

行動電源觀望 廠商營運添變數

Reference From 小巧無線存儲充電寶

盛群去年行動電源產品出貨達3283萬套,較前年大增近 2倍水準。市場原本看好,盛群今年行動電源產品出貨量可望進一步突破4000萬套,將較去年再成長10%至20%。

Microsoft Azure Option
只是行動電源市場近期變數增多,需求轉趨觀望,為松翰及盛群等晶片廠短期營運表現添增變數。松翰表示,蘋果(Apple)即將於下半年推出的新機iPhone 6,備受各界關注,不僅蘋果迷高度期待,連行動電源業者也密切注意規格變化,近期需求轉趨觀望。






雲端價格戰開打!《紐約時報》報導,Google雲端業務來勢洶洶,挾帶削價85%、軟體更新服務等優勢,直逼亞馬遜(Amazon.com)的霸主地位。Google的雲端服務將減價30%至85%,雲端儲存費用降為每GB 0.026美元,比原先價格約低68%;運算引擎(Compute Engine)則不分區域、大小、等級,費用也將便宜32%,BigQuery數據分析服務價格約減85%。Google期望,未來可以將雲端業務轉型為整合應用程式和數據的產品,而不僅僅是許多分散的功能。


Google除了和亞馬遜、微軟、Rackspace Hosting Inc.等公司競爭,也需要和新的供應商搶客戶。研調機構Gartner預估,雲端服務市場規模去年達1310億美元。

Google科技基礎設施資深副總裁赫爾茲(Urs Holzle) 25日表示,雲端伺服器和儲存系統成本大幅下滑,但是雲端運算費用卻未隨之持續調降,他們認為兩者之間不該存在龐大價差。未來Google運算引擎(Compute Engine)服務將砍價約32%,應用程式開發平台(App Engine)也將降價30%。

此外,Google也已於13日宣布,「雲端硬碟(Google Drive)」服務費率也將大減價,100 GB雲端儲存空間的月費從先前的4.99美元調降40%至2.99美元,1 TB的月費更從先前的49.99美元大砍80%至9.99美元;而10 TB的月費為99.99美元,使用者還可加價換取更多儲存空間。


2014年2月22日 星期六

Google Fiber 大受歡迎,成為 Google主推產品 - 2014 Google 新產品 Chromecast、Chromebook、Google Glass、Google Fiber 將大成長

Google Fiber turned Kansas City into a magnet for tech startups ( Google Fiber 讓 Kansas 市創業經濟大幅成長 )

Soon no one will snicker when Kansas City residents proudly refer to their city as the “Silicon Prairie.” As the Associated Press reports, the presence of Google’s (GOOG) high-speed fiber network has turned Kansas City into a major attraction for tech startups that want to take advantage of the fastest Internet connectivity in the United States. According to the AP, “several startup-friendly locations… have sprouted up in Kansas City in recent months” in residential buildings that give entrepreneurs room for “working on their ideas for the next high-tech startup.”

The AP profiles one such startup residence, dubbed the “Home for Hackers,” that offers entrepreneurs “a deal that allows them to live rent-free” for up to three months “while they develop their business plans.” The house has three spots reserved specifically for entrepreneurs and an additional bedroom set up for “fiber tourists who want a place for a day or two where they can download anything faster than they could elsewhere.”

But despite all the startup activity in Kansas City, the Silicon Prairie’s small businesses say they’re still having trouble overcoming the perception that they live in a second-tier city. In particular, they tell the AP that they still have a lot of trouble raising capital from venture capitalists who prefer to have startups nearby on the West Coast instead of in the Heartland.

“I’ve had some really incredible conversations with some big name VCs, and their first statement is that when you’re in this early stage you have to be here, right next to us,” Mike Farmer, the founder of the Kansas City-based mobile search app Leap2.com, told the AP. “That is a hurdle.”

Google Fiber專案將擴充至美國其他34個城市
All content one space

Google存取服務副總裁Milo Medin於周三(2/19)宣布,Google正準備擴大Google Fiber專案,將1Gbps的光纖網路服務從現有的3個城市擴充至其他在美國9大都會區的34個城市。

Google Fiber為Google在2010年發表的1Gbps光纖到府服務。Google 認為高速的網路服務將是創新的基礎,同時也能助長經濟發展與改善教育品質。迄今已在堪薩斯州的堪薩斯市(Kansas City, Kansas)、德州的奧斯汀市(Austin)與猶他州的普羅沃市(Provo)展開部署,而本周則宣布已邀請美國9大都會區的其他34個城市參與Google Fiber專案。

Medin表示,Google將與這些城市的領導人展開雙方的共同規畫程序,以便評估Google Fiber的部署,Google將會先擬訂一份需要各城市協助的清單,例如地圖以及各種既有的管線,也會要求城市提供存取當地基礎建設或執行程序的許可;之後進行在這些城市部署Google Fiber的相關研究,諸如當地的地形、住家的密度,或是當地條件等,以評估建置成本與時間表。

一直要等到上述的程序結束後,Google才會宣布部署Google Fiber的新一輪名單。這代表這些城市只是潛在對象,不一定全數都能參與Google Fiber專案,但雀屏中選的城市可望在今年底前就可存取Google Fiber服務。


What is Google Fiber and why is it so awesome? ( Google 光纖為什麼這麼有吸引力 )

Today, Google announced its latest plans to install Google Fiber internet service in Provo, Utah, Internet rollout plan. The company is in the middle of upgrading the city’s existing fiber network to make it ready for the insane speeds that Google is bringing to town. Google’s currently in talks with property managers to get Google Fiber lines installed in apartment buildings and other large complexes.
which was the third city that the search giant announced for its

However, with the relatively new state of gigabit Internet and its limited rollout thus far, you may not know exactly what Google Fiber is and what it means for consumers. That’s okay, though, as you still have plenty of time before Google Fiber most likely reaches your area. In the meantime, here’s a quick primer to Google Fiber and why you should be jealous of the cities that are getting it soon.

What plans are available?

Google offers three different Google Fiber plans:
  • 5Mbps Internet for $0/month (one-time construction/installation fee)
  • 1Gbps Internet for $70/month (fee waived)
  • 1Gbps Internet with TV for $120/month (fee waived)
Google FiberThe construction fee varies depending on your location. Kansas City residents will have to pony up a $300 one-time fee, while Provo residents only pay $30. That’s quite a big difference in cost. We’re not quite sure why Google has different installation fees, but it could have something to do with each city’s different infrastructures and the difficulty of installing Google Fiber.

The free 5Mbps Internet service that Google is offering with Fiber is particularly interesting. It’s the basic of the basic, of course, but this is the type of DSL service that many ISPs charge as much as $40 a month for, and sometimes even more, depending on your location. Furthermore, Google guarantees that the price of the 5Mbps plan (or lack thereof) won’t be raised for at least seven years.

As for the faster plan, the 1Gbps service comes with a bevy of perks, including 1TB of Google Drive storage with the television service equipped with a 2TB DVR recorder in addition to the Google Drive storage. The DVR can also record up to eight live television shows at once. Along with all that, customers who get the Internet and television package will also receive a free Nexus 7 that is used as the remote control of sorts for the system, and you’ll be able to stream live content to the tablet as well.

Google 的 Chromecast 電視棒終於走出美國,預計 3 月在英國開賣

今天 The Next Web 從一家英國電子零售商處獲悉,之前只在美國有售的 Chromecast 電視棒將從 3 月 1 日起正式在英國開賣。目前 Google 已經證實了這款產品將登陸英國的消息,不過零售商所說的日期僅爲暫定,未來還有變化的可能。

值得一提的是,之前 Chromecast 只支援 Netflix、Hulu 等美國本土應用,漂洋過海後要如何解決水土不服的問題,現在還沒有個確定的答案。不過 Google 已經向所有開發者開放了 SDK,Rdio、Beats 等服務商均表示很快就會改進自己的應用來支援這款裝置。至於價格目前仍是個謎,在英國以後會不會還有其它地區跟進,大家也敬請拭目以待吧。

( 註:由分析數字看, 2014 Google 產品策略主打 Chromecast、ChromebookGoogle GlassGoogle Fiber,逐漸以雲端加值服務、電信服務為主)
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2014年1月9日 星期四

全球社群網站排名及Google、Facebook 社群 - 社群網站使用者占人口比重最高的國家: 荷蘭、挪威、瑞典、南韓、丹麥、美國、芬蘭 ( World wide social network ranking )

全球瘋社群網站 16億人使用







Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014?

It’s hard to believe that Facebook will be ten years old this February and yet social media still seems new to many of us. Brands are struggling as much as they ever have done to understand what to do with it, and which networks actually have any real value. I noticed a number of social challenges that brands faced in 2013 but probably the two most common questions I got asked were:
  • Which social networks should I focus on?
  • How much of my time and resources should I allocate to each one?
The answers to these questions are not as complicated as people often think, but neither is there correct answer to either of them. Many people have written blog posts suggesting that they have the answer – but rather than add my own opinions to that long list, I thought I’d just look at the data to see where the world seems to have been spending it’s time over the last 12 years.

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2013年12月29日 星期日

平板電腦、大螢幕智慧型手機、Chromebook 加速蠶食 PC 市場 - 2014 PC桌機與筆電出貨量將持續衰退 ( Tablet, Phablet and Chromebook continue to digest PC and NB market, Microsoft and Intel will face most difficult time in 2014? )



Gartner預估今年傳統 PC(含桌機與筆電)出貨量為3.03億台,比去年下滑了11.2%,而包括Chromebook、輕薄掀蓋式裝置與Windows 8平板在內的「超行動」(ultramobile)PC市場也下滑8.4%。手機出貨量則會成長3.7%,創下18億台的出貨量。平板電腦今年的成長幅度高達53.4%,達到1.84億台。

隨著愈來愈多的消費者喜歡較小的平板電腦,Gartner表示,7吋的高價平板價格將會持續下調。根據Gartner在巴西、德國、中國、美國與日本等8個國家進行的調查,有47%的平板電腦用戶是使用8吋以下的機種。此外,Gartner研究副總裁Carolina Milanesi認為,長久以來一直都在年底送禮主要名單上的智慧型手機逐漸失去吸引力,今年年底將由小型平板勝出。

今年4月Gartner研究新增了ultramobile類別,指的是具備PC功能,但卻擁有平板外型的裝置。Gartner研究總監Ranjit Atwal表示,雖然消費者偏好專用的裝置,不過他們也看到了ultramobile的機會,想在工作與娛樂上取得平衡的使用者會發現購買或攜帶ultramobile的好處超過了專用的裝置,以平板電腦搭配ultramobile就能處理大部份的活動。


Milanesi分析,Windows Phone於智慧型手機市場所面臨的挑戰並未因微軟買下Nokia手機部門而有太多的改變,微軟仍然必須推動更多的開發人員來豐富Windows Phone的生態體系,並努力讓Windows Phone成為很酷的智慧型手機品牌。



傳統P C三季度出貨量大跌

日前,權威市調公司Gartner發布了三季度全球電腦市場報告,不出意外,PC市場出貨量今年三季度同比大跌了8.6%,符合電腦市場衰敗的曲線趨勢。看空傳統PC,已經成為市場一致預期。從三季度的數據來看,在出貨量繼續下滑的同時,市場份額還在向三甲聯想、惠普、戴爾集中。聯想、惠普和戴爾在今年三季度出貨量分別增長2 .8%、1 .5%和1.0%。聯想以17.6%的份額排名第一,惠普以17.1%份額緊隨聯想,位居第三的戴爾的份額也超過兩位數。






華碩財報顯示,今年第三季度,華碩總收入1188 .99億新台幣,環比增長19.6%;前九個月累計收入3325.72億新台幣,同比增長2.77%。華碩方面表示,業績的增長,主要得益於代工的 Google Nexus 7 的出貨量大漲,同時自己發布的一些平板機也表現不錯。



Google Chromebook 與業界合作不斷並成功打入學生、企業市場,將是 Microsoft 很大威脅

分析機構 NPD 發布的最新調查報告顯示,Chromebook 今年在商用領域異軍突起。2012年,Chromebook 的市占率小到幾乎可以忽略不計,到了今年,它已經成功佔據美國20%的商用筆電市場。

根據 NPD 的預測,美國商用桌面電腦、筆記型電腦以及平板電腦今年的銷量預計將達到1440 萬台,它們主要透過代理商售給商業用戶。

Chromebook 的表現透露出這樣一個訊息——商務用戶開始傾向於網際網路辦公。基於 Chrome OS 系統的 Chromebook 在這點上擁有得天獨厚的優勢,這款低價但專注的設備正在成為越來越多商務人士手中的辦公利器。

PC Magazine 和 TechCrunch 報導,谷歌專為美國幼稚園、中小學生研發的教育版Google Play應用程式商店--「Google Play for Education」已測試數月之久。該公司13日宣布搭載Google Play for Education的平板正式上架,共有三種選擇,包括已開賣的7吋Nexus 7,和明年初販售的10吋華碩變形平板Transformer Pad、8吋的HP Slate 8 Pro。平板起跳價為229美元,校方每台需另付30美元,取得管理功能。

學校購買平板後,可搜尋教師許可的教育應用程式,並依照學科、年級等過濾內容。校方可在Google Play for Education商店大批購買軟體,透過雲端把選購軟體、影片等,發送到學生的平板電腦內。

Google 這戰略讓 Acer Chromebook 熱賣,從趨勢搜尋也發現 Chromebook 正起飛;

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